Botulinum toxin injections involve the placement of small amounts of a purified protein into specific locations in the face. When injected into the facial muscles of expression, the neurotoxin relaxes the target muscles, which smoothens and softens expression lines and wrinkles. When injected in the dermis of the skin via a special technique called Microbotox™, the neurotoxin works to reduce the activity of sweat glands, which in turn shrinks pores, reduces oiliness through the reduction of sebum production, and diminishes the fine lines on the surface of the skin.
Botox can also be used for facial slimming by targeted injections into the masseters (or chewing muscles), which reduces the activity and size of the muscles over time, effectively slimming the face, softening the "square-faced" appearance of patients with bulky masseters, and achieving a smooth, contoured jawline. Coupled with strategic filler injections into the chin and jawline, this procedure can be done to achieve the ideal V-shaped face. 
Other medical indications for Botox including the treatment of sweaty palms, bruxism and tension headaches are also provided at the clinic.